NFL Week 5 Predictions: Cowboys Stun Undefeated 49ers, Rams Upset Eagles, Both 4-0 Teams Fall



NFL Week 5 Predictions: Cowboys Stun Undefeated 49ers, Rams Upset Eagles, Both 4-0 Teams Fall

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Welcome to our Week 5 NFL picks, where we dive into Taylor Swift’s impact on the league, a unique sibling kicker showdown, and intriguing matchups that might surprise you.

Taylor Swift’s NFL Takeover With Taylor Swift seemingly taking over the NFL, we ponder whether picks even matter anymore, as the spotlight shifts to her presence at games. The Chiefs have thrived when Taylor attends, and our predictions have been equally successful when they coincide. Jake From State Farm’s cameo at an NFL game adds an unexpected twist to the narrative.

Week 5 Predictions Before delving into this week’s predictions, we invite you to explore our experts’ weekly picks. However, we’re eager to introduce you to our Pick Six newsletter, your daily NFL email subscription.

Thursday Night Showdown In this week’s Thursday night game, we witness the battle of the struggling Chicago Bears against the Washington Commanders. Al Michaels’ reluctance to hype this matchup mirrors the general sentiment. Amazon might need to incentivize viewers with gift cards to attract attention. Our pick: Commanders 27-20 over Bears.

A Titans Mystery Picking the Titans this season has proven to be a challenging puzzle. The team’s unpredictable performance has left us baffled. After several erroneous predictions, we reluctantly choose the Titans to win this week against the Colts. Our pick: Titans 20-17 over Colts.

Eagles vs. Rams The undefeated Philadelphia Eagles face the Los Angeles Rams in what appears to be a potential trap game for both teams. Despite their perfect record, the Eagles haven’t looked as dominant as last year. The Rams, however, boast a rejuvenated Matthew Stafford and a record-breaking receiver in Puka Nacua. Our prediction: Rams 27-24 over Eagles.

Cowboys vs. 49ers The 49ers have been unstoppable offensively, scoring 30 or more points in every game this season. Can the Cowboys, with their solid defense and experienced defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, halt the 49ers’ scoring spree? We explore the Quinn vs. Shanahan dynamic and ultimately predict a Cowboys win. Our pick: Cowboys 27-24 over 49ers.

Sibling Kicker Duel Monday night promises a historic matchup between two brothers, Daniel Carlson (Raiders) and Anders Carlson (Packers), as they face off in a rare sibling kicker showdown. Both have been perfect this season, adding excitement to an already intriguing game. We expect a close contest, with the Raiders edging out the Packers. Our pick: Raiders 22-19 over Packers.

Week 5 Picks Summary As for the rest of Week 5, here are our predictions.

  • Bills 30-23 over Jaguars
  • Texans 27-17 over Falcons
  • Lions 31-20 over Panthers
  • Titans 20-17 over Colts
  • Dolphins 34-24 over Giants
  • Patriots 23-20 over Saints
  • Ravens 20-13 over Steelers
  • Bengals 19-16 over Cardinals
  • Jets 20-16 over Broncos
  • Chiefs 31-24 over Vikings

Bye Week: Browns, Chargers, Seahawks, Buccaneers.

Last Week Recap Our best pick last week was predicting the Jaguars’ win over the Falcons in London, despite not foreseeing the Falcons’ offensive struggles. On the other hand, our worst pick was underestimating the Texans, who convincingly defeated the Steelers. Offensive coordinator Matt Canada faced criticism as the Steelers’ struggles continued.

Picks Record

  • Straight up in Week 4: 13-3
  • Straight up overall: 43-21
  • Against the spread in Week 4: 9-6-1
  • Against the spread overall: 34-28-2


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