49ers news: NFL insider says Christian McCaffrey 'belongs in MVP conversation



NFL Insider: Christian McCaffrey Deserves MVP Discussion in 49ers News

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NFL insider Matt Lombardo, a former FanSided contributor with ties to Niner Noise, makes a compelling case for Christian McCaffrey’s inclusion in the NFL MVP race. Historically, the MVP award has favored quarterbacks, with the exception of Adrian Peterson in 2012. However, McCaffrey’s outstanding performance in the first four weeks of the 2023 season has put him firmly in the conversation.

McCaffrey currently leads the NFL in rushing yards with 459, well ahead of the next highest rusher, D’Andre Swift. He also shares the league lead in rushing touchdowns and leads in total yards from scrimmage with 600. Moreover, he set a new franchise record for the 49ers with consecutive games featuring a touchdown, totaling 13.

In an era dominated by quarterback MVPs, Lombardo argues that McCaffrey’s versatility and exceptional statistics warrant serious consideration. He notes McCaffrey’s impact on the 49ers, who have lost just one regular-season game since his trade from the Carolina Panthers. Lombardo predicts that McCaffrey could be among the leading MVP vote-getters or even break the quarterback dominance.

Even 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan acknowledges McCaffrey’s exceptional contributions. Shanahan believes McCaffrey played like an MVP during his time with the team and continues to make a significant impact. While quarterbacks often take the MVP spotlight, a handful of players, including McCaffrey, have demonstrated outstanding performance regardless of their position.

While quarterbacks may still be favored for the MVP award, McCaffrey’s exceptional season should prompt voters to consider him as both a darkhorse candidate and a top contender.




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