Green Bay Packers' Most Valuable Player: Clear Standout Through 5 Games of the Season



Green Bay Packers’ Most Valuable Player: Clear Standout Through 5 Games of the Season

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In the early moments of the 2023 NFL season, the Green Bay Packers displayed a level of promise that fans had hoped for. Their impressive Week One victory over the Chicago Bears saw the team scoring 38 points, with Jordan Love throwing three touchdowns and achieving a stellar passer rating of 123.2. David Bakhtiari showcased his vintage form, while Aaron Jones contributed over 120 yards from scrimmage, including two touchdowns.

Unfortunately, the momentum quickly turned sour. Jones suffered a hamstring injury in the fourth quarter of the Bears’ game and missed three of the following four games. In the one game he did participate in, his utilization was minimal, with just six touches for 14 yards.

Adding to the Packers’ woes, Bakhtiari’s season was abruptly cut short due to a knee injury. In his absence, Rasheed Walker stepped in and performed admirably in pass protection with a 76.5 PFF grade, but his run blocking struggled significantly, earning him a 43.8 PFF grade, the lowest on the team.

At the outset of the season, Jones and Bakhtiari stood out as the team’s veteran leaders on the offensive front. Their absence has undeniably presented challenges that the Packers are finding difficult to surmount. Nevertheless, it is crystal clear who holds the key to Green Bay’s prospects for success this season.

Aaron Jones Is the Linchpin for the Green Bay Packers

In Week One, the Packers’ offense accumulated a total of 329 yards. A substantial 38% of that production, or 127 yards, can be attributed to Jones. As we’ve seen, such a level of production is not easily replaced.

Last season, the Packers held a 4-1 record when Jones received at least 15 carries in a game. Running the ball, especially with Jones as the lead back, has proven to be a recipe for success.

The Week One triumph over the Bears exemplifies this formula. On their opening drive, Jones carried the ball five times for 25 yards, which culminated in a touchdown pass from Love to Romeo Doubs. However, after this initial drive, the offense struggled, and Jones didn’t see a single carry or reception until after halftime.

In the opening drive of the third quarter, Jones rushed the ball four times for 17 yards and had one reception for seven yards, leading to a one-yard touchdown run by Jones. On the following drive, Jones scored again on a 35-yard touchdown pass, marking the play where he sustained his hamstring injury.

From that point onward, Green Bay’s offense faced inconsistency and struggled to move the ball. Unfortunately, this struggle persisted through the subsequent four games.

While it’s not practical for Jones to touch the ball four to five times on every drive, it’s evident that good things happen when he does. As seen last year, the key lies in Matt LaFleur’s play-calling involving Jones, making it clear that five touches in one half of a game is a critical factor for success.


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