Algeria Offers Hosting for Palestinian Football During Gaza Conflict



Algeria Offers Hosting for Palestinian Football During Gaza Conflict

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Algeria Steps in to Host Palestinian Football Matches Amid Gaza Conflict

Amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza, the Algerian football federation has extended a generous offer to host all international matches involving the Palestinian national football team. They have pledged to cover all associated costs related to these matches.

This move was announced following a request made by Jibril Rajoub, the head of the Palestinian football federation, to the Algerian authorities. Pending approval from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), this gesture of solidarity could significantly benefit the Palestinian football team in their preparations for the 2026 World Cup and the 2027 Asian Cup.

The first game to be hosted under this arrangement is scheduled for next month when Palestine is set to “host” Australia in Algeria on November 21 as part of a 2026 World Cup qualifier. Palestine is competing in the World Cup Asian preliminary qualifying Group I, alongside Australia and Lebanon.

Furthermore, the 2023 Asian Cup is slated to commence in January, with Palestine expected to face the UAE, Iran, and Hong Kong in Qatar.

Algeria’s historical affinity with Palestine is well-documented, with Algerian footballers and fans consistently expressing their solidarity with the Palestinian cause. During the current conflict, several Algerian footballers, including star player Riyad Mahrez, have shown their support by displaying the Palestinian flag.

As the conflict in Gaza continues, it’s essential to remember that the situation remains dire, with casualties on both sides and growing humanitarian concerns. The international community closely watches these developments, hoping for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.


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