A Condensed Workweek Translates to 'Extended Evenings!' for Sam Howell of the Washington Commanders.



A Condensed Workweek Translates to ‘Extended Evenings!’ for Sam Howell of the Washington Commanders.

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Quarterback Sam Howell of the Washington Commanders isn’t dwelling on the disappointment of the recent overtime loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Instead, his focus has swiftly shifted to the upcoming game against the Chicago Bears on Thursday.

As Howell continues to grow into his role as a starter, the recent 34-31 overtime defeat has provided him valuable insights into his capabilities. Despite the outcome not aligning with his preferences, Howell’s performance showcased his ability to compete at a high level—a fact likely to please both the Washington coaching staff and the team’s fans.

Reflecting on the lessons from the loss, Howell emphasized the importance of protecting the football, going through his progressions, and trusting his instincts. Despite falling short in the Philadelphia game, he acknowledges the positives in his overall performance.

In Howell’s own words, “Yeah, I mean, I think the main thing is I took care of the football and just went through my progressions and just trusted what I saw. I think I did a decent job for most of the game. Obviously, we came up short, and I would’ve liked to have made more plays and given us a chance to win. But Philly’s over with, and we’ve moved on to Chicago. Got a short week, so been pretty busy trying to get ready to go for that, but we’re excited.” The quarterback’s focus is firmly on the upcoming challenge, and he expresses enthusiasm about the short preparation time for the game against the Chicago Bears.

Luckily, Washington doesn’t have to wait long to try and right the wrongs of Sunday’s loss as they host the Chicago Bears at FedEx Field on Thursday night.

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The condensed schedule poses a challenge for the team, reducing the time available for game preparation. However, this is not unfamiliar territory for Howell, drawing parallels with similar situations in his college experience.

Yet, the dynamics of a short week in the NFL introduce a distinct element. Howell acknowledges the differences, highlighting the reduced practice time compared to a standard week. Reflecting on his prior year’s experience, especially with Thursday night games in college, he notes the unique demands of the shorter timeframe. Despite the limitations, he emphasizes the necessity of investing additional time, anticipating potential late nights to ensure thorough preparation. Howell commends the team’s efforts in managing these challenges, expressing confidence in their preparedness for the upcoming game.

The Commanders, currently holding a 2-2 record following a loss to the Eagles, face the winless Bears led by Justin Fields, who is yet to secure a victory this season. While some view this matchup as one Washington should win, the unpredictable nature of NFL games emphasizes the need for caution.

Acknowledging the Commanders’ inconsistent performance in the early season, optimism surrounds the belief that they can bounce back from the previous week’s loss against a Bears team struggling for a win. The outcome of this encounter remains uncertain, as NFL games often defy straightforward predictions.



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