2023 NFL Trade Deadline: Marquise Brown to Chiefs, Brian Burns to Ravens, and More Proposed Deals



2023 NFL Trade Deadline: Marquise Brown to Chiefs, Brian Burns to Ravens, and More Proposed Deals

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As the 2023 NFL season approaches its midway point, so does the trade deadline. Teams have until 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Oct. 31, to strike deals, and with many buyers and sellers in the mix, here are 15 trade proposals to consider:

  1. Buccaneers Acquire RB Derrick Henry
    • Buccaneers get: RB Derrick Henry
    • Titans get: 2024 third-round pick The Buccaneers, while performing well this season, struggle with their rushing game. Henry’s expiring contract and the Titans’ rebuilding plans could lead to a trade.
  2. Chiefs Acquire WR Marquise Brown
    • Chiefs get: WR Marquise Brown
    • Cardinals get: 2024 third-round pick Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs’ offense might benefit from Brown’s deep-threat skills, and the Cardinals may be motivated to sell.
  3. Panthers Acquire WR Jerry Jeudy
    • Panthers get: WR Jerry Jeudy
    • Broncos get: 2024 third-round pick, 2024 fifth-round pick Jeudy, a former first-rounder, could find a new home in Carolina, adding youth and talent to their receiving corps.
  4. Texans Acquire WR Courtland Sutton
    • Texans get: WR Courtland Sutton
    • Broncos get: 2024 third-round pick Sutton’s proven skills could be valuable to the Texans, and the Broncos might consider trading him.
  5. Chargers Acquire WR Darnell Mooney
    • Chargers get: WR Darnell Mooney
    • Bears get: 2024 fourth-round pick Mooney’s skills could provide the Chargers with another deep threat following an injury to Mike Williams.
  6. 49ers Acquire WR Mecole Hardman
    • 49ers get: WR Mecole Hardman
    • Jets get: 2024 seventh-round pick Hardman’s return to the Chiefs seems unlikely, so a move to the 49ers could provide a fresh start.
  7. Packers Acquire TE Zach Ertz
    • Packers get: TE Zach Ertz
    • Cardinals get: 2024 sixth-round pick Ertz could be an experienced target for the Packers’ passing game, and the Cardinals might consider the trade.
  8. Rams Acquire OT Trent Brown
    • Rams get: OT Trent Brown
    • Patriots get: 2024 fifth-round pick The Rams could provide additional protection for Matthew Stafford, and Brown may be available from the Patriots.
  9. Ravens Acquire OLB Brian Burns
    • Ravens get: OLB Brian Burns
    • Panthers get: 2024 first-round pick, 2024 third-round pick The Ravens could bolster their pass rush with Burns, provided they sign him to a new contract.
  10. Jaguars Acquire OLB Danielle Hunter
    • Jaguars get: OLB Danielle Hunter
    • Vikings get: 2025 conditional second/third-round pick Hunter could enhance the Jaguars’ pass-rushing capabilities, and a conditional deal might depend on his re-signing.
  11. Falcons Acquire DE Carl Lawson
    • Falcons get: DE Carl Lawson
    • Jets get: 2024 sixth-round pick Lawson, no longer needed by the Jets, could help the Falcons with their pass rush.
  12. Lions Acquire DL Leonard Williams
    • Lions get: DL Leonard Williams
    • Giants get: 2024 third-round pick Williams could join the Lions, adding depth to their defensive line, while the Giants may benefit from trading an expensive, expiring contract.
  13. Dolphins Acquire LB Josey Jewell
    • Dolphins get: LB Josey Jewell
    • Broncos get: 2024 fifth-round pick Miami could improve its defense with Jewell, who has an expiring contract, and the Broncos may consider resetting their roster.
  14. Bills Acquire CB Jaylon Johnson
    • Bills get: CB Jaylon Johnson
    • Bears get: CB Kaiir Elam, 2024 second-round pick Johnson could provide a boost to the Bills’ secondary during their playoff run, while Elam and a draft pick may entice the Bears.
  15. Eagles Acquire S Justin Simmons
    • Eagles get: S Justin Simmons
    • Broncos get: 2024 second-round pick Simmons could bolster the Eagles’ secondary, though the Broncos might seek a valuable return for the experienced defensive back.




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