Week 7 Predictions: Michigan vs Indiana Expert Picks

In the highly anticipated Week 7 college football clash between Michigan and Indiana, expert analysts are making their predictions and picks. Here’s a rundown of the expert selections.

Michigan vs Indiana Experts Picks

The current betting line for Indiana at Michigan is set at Michigan -34. The asterisk (*) next to the pick indicates that the team is expected to win but not cover the spread.

  • Brooks Austin, DawgsDaily.com: SU: 133-32 ATS: 88-75-2 (Michigan*)
  • Big Game Ben, CFN: SU: 127-39 ATS: 83-81-2 (Michigan)
  • Big Red Max, All Huskers: SU: 126-40 ATS: 85-79-2 (Michigan)
  • Kevin Borba, All Utes & All Cardinal: SU: 122-44 ATS: 81-83-2 (Michigan)
  • Jackson Caudell, All Yellow Jackets: SU: 132-34 ATS: 92-72-2 (Michigan*)
  • Bryan Driskell, Irish Breakdown: SU: 132-34 ATS: 87-77-2 (Michigan*)
  • E, CFN: SU: 127-39 ATS: 85-79-2 (Michigan)

Experts continue to provide their insights and picks for this game, with some leaning towards Michigan as the favorite.

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  • Pete Fiutak, CFN: SU: 134-32 ATS: 90-74-2 (Michigan)
  • Casey Lundquist, Cougs Daily: SU: 134-32 ATS: 87-77-2 (Michigan*)
  • Southpaw CFN: SU: 135-31 ATS: 96-68-2 (Michigan*)
  • Jeremy Mauss, MWwire.com: SU: 130-36 ATS: 76-88 (Michigan*)
  • Mike McAllister, All Syracuse: SU: 131-35 ATS: 89-75-2 (Michigan*)
  • Snoopdug, CFN: SU: 130-36 ATS: 79-85-2 (Michigan*)
  • Andy Mitts, Blue Wings Rising: SU: 129-37 ATS: 89-75-2 (Michigan*)

These experts have varying predictions, but Michigan remains a popular choice among them.

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  • Johnny Rosenstein, SportsBookWire.com: SU: 131-35 ATS: 88-76-2 (Michigan)
  • Scott Steehn, WinnersandWhiners.com: SU: 130-36 ATS: 73-81-2 (Michigan*)
  • Keith Stewart, WinnersandWhiners.com: SU: 133-33 ATS: 78-86-2 (Michigan)
  • Stephen Thompson, Inside The Panthers: SU: 134-32 ATS: 80-84-2 (Michigan)
  • Mark Wogenrich, AllPennState.com: SU: 134-32 ATS: 85-79-2 (Michigan)

Clucko the Chicken (a coin flip) has taken a unique approach, predicting a different outcome with SU: 64-102 ATS: 87-77-2 in favor of Indiana.

CONSENSUS PICK: The consensus among the experts leans towards Michigan with SU: 130-36 ATS: 87-77-2.

Stay tuned for more expert picks in Week 7, covering various matchups in college football.

  • UTEP at FIU
  • Sam Houston at NMSU
  • West Virginia at Houston
  • SMU at ECU
  • Tulane at Memphis
  • Fresno St at Utah St
  • Stanford at Colorado
  • Georgia at Vandy
  • Indiana at Michigan
  • Ohio St at Purdue
  • Syracuse at FSU
  • Arkansas at Bama
  • Oregon at Washington
  • Tex A&M at Tenn
  • Florida at S Carolina
  • Iowa at Wisconsin
  • Auburn at LSU
  • USC at Notre Dame
  • Miami at UNC
  • Missouri at Kentucky
  • UCLA at Oregon St
  • SDSU at Hawaii

This week’s games promise to deliver exciting matchups and expert insights.




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