Penn State vs. Ohio State Preview, Brock Bowers' Injury, and Prospects of Collective Bargaining for Student Athletes


Penn State vs. Ohio State Preview, Brock Bowers’ Injury, and Prospects of Collective Bargaining for Student Athletes

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Dan Wetzel, Ross Dellenger, and Sports Illustrated’s Pat Forde delve into this weekend’s most intriguing Big Ten clash between Ohio State and Penn State, followed by a comprehensive discussion on various college football updates.

In a high-stakes matchup, both Ryan Day and James Franklin are vying for a victory to keep their playoff aspirations alive. The guys contemplate which coach is under greater pressure. James Franklin seeks that elusive signature win at Penn State, and defeating Ohio State this season could provide precisely that. Ryan Day, on the other hand, is grappling with mounting pressure following two consecutive losses to Michigan. A defeat against Penn State could potentially jeopardize his standing with Buckeye fans.

Saturday features a rematch of one of last season’s most electrifying games, as Tennessee goes head to head with Alabama once again. However, the dynamics have shifted, with both teams expected to prioritize defense over high-scoring affairs. The stakes are particularly high for Alabama, given their lofty expectations, and Nick Saban is determined not to suffer a second consecutive loss to the Volunteers.

Georgia’s star tight end, Brock Bowers, sustained an injury in the recent game against Vanderbilt. Bowers is scheduled for ankle surgery in the hope of making a swift return before the College Football Playoff.

Meanwhile, South Carolina’s coach, Shane Beamer, faced an injury of his own over the weekend. He inadvertently injured his foot after a close loss to Florida.

The conversation shifts to Dabo Swinney, who has expressed his discontent with the immense expectations placed on the Clemson football team. Swinney challenges the notion that teams are labeled as losers if they don’t maintain an undefeated record. He suggests that a down-year could help alleviate the pressure on the Clemson bandwagon. Ironically, Dabo’s past successes seem to be contributing to his current challenge.

The episode also touches on the 10th Congressional NIL hearing that occurred on Tuesday, with Ross providing insights from his attendance. The crew discusses the potential for collective bargaining for student athletes, a concept supported by Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick. They examine the advantages and drawbacks of considering student athletes as employees and the significance of this issue being discussed in Congress.

To wrap up the podcast, the hosts share the remarkable discovery of the world’s spiciest pepper, ‘Pepper X,’ and explore the potential consequences of consuming it.

Timestamps: 1:00 – Spotlight on the Big Ten with Penn State vs. Ohio State 20:54 – Anticipating the Tennessee vs. Alabama matchup 27:20 – Brock Bowers’ injury and his recovery timeline 32:32 – Shane Beamer’s foot injury 34:25 – Dabo Swinney’s perspective on Clemson football expectations 37:40 – Insights from the 10th Congressional NIL hearing in Washington, D.C. 1:05:40 – Unveiling the new world record for the hottest pepper, ‘Pepper X’

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