One nemesis stands in the way of Texas football, and that's Oklahoma


One nemesis stands in the way of Texas football, and that’s Oklahoma

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“The call echoes through history: ‘The Redcoats are coming. The Redcoats are coming.’ Although it’s a cry from the American Revolution, it’s precisely what comes to mind when the crimson-clad Sooners cross the Red River and journey to the State Fair to face the Longhorns.

Growing up, my dad referred to the Sooners as ‘turncoats,’ so I naturally blended the metaphors. Those were the days when attending OU was seen as a betrayal of the state of Texas. Back then, a star high school football player who chose the slick Barry Switzer over the virtues of the University of Texas was branded a traitor, whether rightly or wrongly. That was the perception, and it prevailed across much of Texas, especially in my household.

Now, with the substantial population influx into Texas over the past three decades, shifts in college football recruiting, and the commercialization of college football in general (perhaps with my own age mellowing my stance), I no longer harbor that same sentiment.

I no longer view the Sooners as turncoats or redcoats; I simply see them as THE adversary. No sugar-coating it—they elicit a level of animosity from Texas fans that is unparalleled, and the feeling is mutual.

Perhaps that’s the essence of this rivalry—the deep-seated hatred on both sides has become so ingrained that we no longer require a concrete reason. It’s as if we’ve entered the fourth generation of the Hatfields and McCoys feud.

But a word of caution to the younger generation who may not be familiar with this history: make no mistake, the Sooners are the Redcoats, and the Longhorns will forever be the Patriots.

Texas-OU promises to be the Big 12 conference’s most-watched TV game this year, a marquee matchup between two highly ranked teams. Yet, Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark will be notably absent from the scene. Instead, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey may find himself in the heart of Big D.


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