Dartmouth Kick Boosts Team with 'positive Vibes.
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Title: Dartmouth’s Dynamic Kicker: Owen Zalc’s Journey from Recruiting Camp to Ivy League Success”

In Hanover last weekend, Dartmouth College’s freshman football place kicker, Owen Zalc, faced a potential game-winning kick at Penn. Amid the pressure, Zalc drew strength from his past experiences, notably the intense recruiting camp that brought him to Dartmouth in 2022.

During the camp at Memorial Field, where 40 place kickers vied for coveted admissions slots, Zalc’s skills were scrutinized not only for accuracy but also for emotional resilience. Dartmouth coaches observed how prospects handled success and failure, gauging reactions to kicks—whether confidence turned into arrogance or setbacks led to mental struggles.

Zalc, with a daily attitude radiating positivity and an abundance of happy energy, caught the attention of Sammy McCorkle, Dartmouth’s interim head football coach. McCorkle likened their interactions to the dynamic between Spike and Tyke, the bulldogs in old Tom and Jerry cartoons.

According to McCorkle, a loose and upbeat demeanor is ideal for a kicker, someone who doesn’t dwell on mistakes. Zalc, originally a soccer player, embraced football kicking in seventh grade after learning about his father’s dual-sport pursuits at Calvert High. Hailing from Cary, N.C., Zalc excelled as a three-time all-state player, boasting an impressive 20 successful field goals out of 26 attempts in his last three high school seasons.

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In the summer of 2022, Zalc, along with his family, embarked on a road trip, attending recruiting camp days at Yale, Brown, and Dartmouth. Despite offers from all three schools, Zalc, with a SAT score of 1440, was drawn to Dartmouth. The campus and Coach Buddy Teevens, the late head coach, played pivotal roles in his decision.

Transitioning into his first term at Dartmouth, Zalc’s buoyant spirit stands out amidst the tension typically felt by freshmen. While others grapple with the complexities of Ivy League football, Zalc, occasionally spotted karate-kicking an upright blocking can, embodies a contagious enthusiasm on the field.




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