Colorado's Athletic Director, Rick George, falls under the spell of the Deion Sanders phenomenon; proudly displays his impeccable Coach Prime jacket.


Colorado’s Athletic Director, Rick George, falls under the spell of the Deion Sanders phenomenon; proudly displays his impeccable Coach Prime jacket.

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The Colorado Buffaloes are off to a roaring start, leaving Athletic Director Rick George exhilarated. In a week 7 showdown against the Stanford Cardinal, the home team seized control from the get-go and shows no sign of slowing down.

Even Rick George, the AD, is caught in the whirlwind of the Coach Prime phenomenon, especially when the game is unfolding so spectacularly. He proudly donned his flawless Deion Sanders jacket to commemorate his team’s early dominance in this crucial face-off.

Witness the moment when Colorado’s AD paraded his Coach Prime jacket while the Buffaloes tightened their grip on the Cardinal. It’s clear that even Rick George can’t resist the magnetic pull of the Deion Sanders effect.

Rick George’s Celebration in the Limelight When the Buffaloes scored their first touchdown at home in week 7, Rick George marked the occasion with a distinctive celebration. He proudly displayed his Coach Prime jacket to the fans, paying tribute to the sweeping influence of Deion Sanders that has engulfed both the Colorado Buffaloes program and the city of Boulder, resonating throughout the college football community.

George’s jacket sports a CU emblem on the pocket, complemented by a sleek black khaki design. However, the true gem lies beneath—a beaming Coach Prime grinning from under the fabric. The sight was truly arresting as the Buffaloes asserted their dominance in the early stages against the Stanford Cardinal.

In just a matter of months, Sanders has transformed the team into a formidable force, much to the delight of the devoted fans. They’ve weathered their fair share of challenges in the past, but now it seems they’re poised to ascend to the throne. A significant credit goes to the Deion Sanders effect.

Colorado’s Golden Era Beckons Under Deion Sanders’ guidance, the Buffaloes bear little resemblance to their former selves from a year ago. In a mere seven weeks this season, they’re on track to match the total number of victories from the past two seasons combined. Moreover, they’ve demonstrated their ability to hold their own against higher-ranked opponents.

While the Buffaloes are still a work in progress, there’s a discernible sense of promise indicating that the program is on the right path, guided by capable hands. Can Colorado string together a series of triumphs to claim the latter half of the season as their own? The answer may very well lie in the days ahead.


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