Booger McFarland: Michigan, Ohio State Unlikely to Both Reach College Football Playoff


Booger McFarland: Michigan, Ohio State Unlikely to Both Reach College Football Playoff

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With the ESPN College Football Playoff reveal show just around the corner, the network’s panel of experts has been vigorously analyzing the intricate landscape of college football, anticipating their upcoming kickoff show. In a recent segment called ‘This or That,’ these experts tackled pivotal scenarios for this year’s College Football Playoff. Among these scenarios, former LSU star Booger McFarland was tasked with a challenging question: “Which is more likely: Michigan and Ohio State both making the College Football Playoff or missing it?”

McFarland confidently responded, “I’d say it’s more probable that they both miss. I believe Florida State will go undefeated, ensuring an undefeated ACC champion. Additionally, I see Washington achieving perfection, becoming an undefeated Pac-12 champion.”

This season, college football’s top teams have been in fine form. Florida State is on track for an ACC Championship game appearance and boasts an impressive non-conference victory over LSU in Week 1.

Washington stands as the lone undefeated team in the Pac-12, a conference widely recognized as one of the toughest this year.

If both Washington and Florida State maintain their impressive form, they could secure playoff spots as undefeated conference champions. Nevertheless, two slots would still remain. McFarland, however, hesitates to allocate these to two Big Ten teams and articulates his reasons.

“This would mean that if both Michigan and Ohio State make it, we’d have to exclude a team from the Big 12. I believe Oklahoma is heading for an undefeated season, and even if they stumble, a one-loss Big 12 champion may not be overlooked. And what about the powerful SEC? When you start weighing these scenarios, it seems more plausible that both Michigan and Ohio State will be left out rather than both being selected.”

While there is ample football yet to be played this season, the possibility of 2023 witnessing five undefeated conference champions looms large as the regular season wraps up. As McFarland indicated, if this transpires, it would be immensely challenging, perhaps even impossible, for two representatives from the Big Ten or any other conference to secure spots in the college football playoff this season.

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