Aaron Rodgers news NFL world reacts to Joe Burrow


Aaron Rodgers news: NFL world reacts to Joe Burrow

Throughout this season and preseason, Cincinnati Bengals star quarterback Joe Burrow has been dealing with a shin injury that has limited his capability and vacuity. And as he prepared for last week’s game against the Los Angeles Rams in an attempt to play through the injury, he reached out to a stager quarterback with a lot of experience with injuries like that Aaron Rodgers.

This week, Joe Burrow opened up a bit about how Aaron Rodgers was suitable to help him navigate the injury, given that he has a lot of experience with analogous injuries.

“ He’s dealt with shin issues his whole career and( I) wanted to use him as a resource and get his studies, what he might have done, ” Burrow said according to Ben Baby of ESPN. “ He’s been through it, done that. And he was great about it. ”

During an appearance on “ The Pat McAfee Show ” on Tuesday, Rodgers also spoke a little bit about their discussion, opening up a little bit about what he told Burrow ahead of Monday night’s game.

“ For him to tough it out, I do n’t suppose that people realize how important pain and limited mobility he was in, ” Rodgers said according to Pro Football Talk. “ But for him to draw it out… and to make enough plays to win, like I texted him, that’s what great challengers do. They show up and play through the pain and do n’t make it a big deal. ”

It’s intriguing to see such a bond between the two elite quarterbacks, and the NFL world had plenitude to say about it on social media, with numerous people enterprise about what Rodgers could have told him.



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