Aaron Rodgers Forced to Wear Auburn Jersey by C.J. Uzomah After Cal Loss to Tigers


Aaron Rodgers Forced to Wear Auburn Jersey by C.J. Uzomah After Cal Loss to Tigers

Aaron Rodgers, the four-time NFL MVP and quarterback of the New York Jets, was forced to wear an Auburn jersey by former Auburn tight end C.J. Uzomah after losing a bet on the Cal-Auburn game. Rodgers, who played for Cal in college, was seen on video on Uzomah’s Instagram Story sporting an Auburn cap and a bright orange shirt with “War Eagle” across the front[1].

The video was taken at the Jets’ facilities, where Rodgers was seen laughing and declining Uzomah’s request to say “War Eagle.” The bet was made before the game between the visiting Tigers and the Bears, which ended with Auburn edging out Cal 14-10 on Saturday night[1].

Rodgers is not the first athlete to be forced to wear a rival team’s jersey after losing a bet. In 2019, NBA star LeBron James was seen wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey after losing a bet to former teammate Dwyane Wade, who is a Cowboys fan[2].

The tradition of making bets on sporting events is not new, and it is a common way for athletes and fans to show their support for their favorite teams. However, with the rise of social media, these bets are now more visible than ever before, with videos and photos of athletes wearing rival team jerseys quickly going viral[3].

Overall, the bet between Rodgers and Uzomah is a lighthearted reminder of the passion and rivalry that exists in sports. While Rodgers may not have been happy about wearing an Auburn jersey, it is clear that he took the bet in good spirits and was willing to honor his end of the bargain[4].


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